Partnering together with Chaplains for over 40 years… Sharing Christ in Prison.


Our Goal at Gospel Echoes Team is to come alongside you, the Chaplain, and support your ongoing ministry!

With the help of our generous supporters, we provide free Bible Study Correspondence Courses, “little red” address books, and easy to read New Testaments to inmates at both Provincial and Federal Institutions.

Gospel Echoes Canada West Team travels to prisons and churches throughout Western Canada bringing the Gospel through music and preaching. If you would like to schedule the team for a chapel service please contact John Yoder or Anne Peters at 306-933-4228 or by email at, or using the form below.



Here’s How It Works:

We offer free supplies of all these items and services.

1. Number of Courses
We offer a total of 8 Correspondence Bible Study Courses. Courses 1 to 4 make up the basic series. Each course has 12 lessons to study and corresponding test questions to answer. Upon completion of these 4 course’s lessons, an Award Bible is given with their name imprinted on the cover in gold letters, as well as a certificate in a folder. Courses 5 to 8 make up the Advanced Courses. A certificate without a folder is awarded for completion of each of these advanced courses. A special larger certificate is given when the whole series of these 8 courses is completed.

2. What to send to be Graded / Marked
When the student completes an entire Bible Study, only the coloured test sheets in the center of the book are to be sent to be marked. When course #4 is completed please make sure the Bible request form is also pulled out and sent with that course.

3. Where to send Courses to be Graded / Marked
Please send the tests to Gospel Echoes Team office, PO Box 580 Warman SK S0K 4S0

4. Who Marks Studies
We have a group of trained volunteers who prayerfully grade/mark the courses and return them to the office to be sent back to the institution..

5. Award Bibles
When the student has completed the first four courses they receive an Award Bible and can request either their name or another name imprinted on the front cover. For imprint purposes, we ask that the request is a NAME ONLY (no messages or nicknames) with 25 characters or letters long. This includes spaces, periods, hyphens, commas, etc. The Bibles are issued from the office in Warman SK and will be sent back to the institution or other address provided. The student must complete Bible Studies one to four to receive their Bible. (Please note: There is no warranty on these Bibles, for loss or damage)

6. *Second Bibles
If a student wants to redo the courses again, even though they have completed them before, we encourage them to do so! However, we have a 2-year policy where an inmate cannot receive a second Bible within a two-year period. If they would like a second Bible, they may purchase one for $20.00. This includes imprinting and postage.

7. Certificates
The first certificate with folder is given out after completion of the first four courses. A certificate is given on completion of each course from five to eight without a folder. On completion of all eight courses, a larger final certificate is sent to student.

8. How Long Will Materials take to come back to the Student
Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for the return of the lessons to the student. We do our best to get the lessons back as quickly as possible, and encourage our graders/markers to have the test sheets returned to the office within 2 weeks. If possible, please have the student include a second address in case they get transferred or released.

9. Record Keeping
We do not require Chaplains to keep record of the Bible Studies taken or sent to be graded, but if you wish to keep track, we have a form “click here”. We keep careful records of all the lessons sent in to the office. If you or a student needs to know which courses they have completed and when, feel free to call our office and we will check our records.”

10. Supplies
We will be glad to keep you stocked with the Bible Studies that you need. To place an order “click here”

If you have any questions at any time, you may feel free to contact the office at 306-933-4228 or email