Thrift Stores

Support Gospel Echoes Team In the Local Community

Thrift Stores

The Purpose of Gospel Echoes Team Thrift Stores is to support the mission of Gospel Echoes Team Association by building positive and beneficial relationships with the Local Community

We will accomplish this by sharing and living the Gospel of Jesus with Generosity, Love and Gratefulness in all of our relationships both personal and corporate.

Gospel Echoes Team Thrift Stores are a fundraising effort of the Gospel Echoes prison ministry. Purchases from the stores generate proceeds which support the ministry programs provided by Gospel Echoes prison ministry.

Our work also plays a vital role in the stewardship of making used items available to the local community and provides opportunities for volunteers. The thrift store creates opportunities for reuse and recycling rather than disposing of quality useable items.

Employment with Gospel Echoes Thrift Stores offers a gratifying sense of purpose which stems from a positive team work atmosphere, and a sense of making a difference in the lives of prison inmates.

Winkler, MB Location
Manager: David Martens

Grunthal, MB Location
Manager: John Hildebrand


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