Our primary focus is to share the good news of the Gospel with prison inmates.
Our goal is to come alongside prison chaplains to assist them in their outreach by providing Bible study correspondence courses, a grading network, Christian literature to encourage growth and discipleship.
Bible Study Courses
This eight series Bible Study Correspondence Course is offered free to prison chaplains and inmates. After the first set of four basic courses is completed inmates receive a personalized award Bible with their name engraved on the cover.

Many have responded with, “I didn’t know until now that Jesus loved me; this study has changed my life; this is the first time in my life I ever completed anything; my grader’s comments gave me hope and encouragement!”

The first five Bible Study Courses are now also available in Spanish.

Grading and Marking the Lessons
The lessons that come to the office are recorded in our ‘Grading Program’ and then sent to a ‘Grader’ for marking. The volunteer ‘Graders’ serve as in-home missionaries, sacrificing many hours to bring hope to prison inmates and impact their lives with encouraging remarks and study helps as they grade their lessons. The coordinator assigns one of these Graders for each new student so that the student will have the same person marking their lessons each time, and can correspond with them throughout their enrollment.
Scripture Address Booklets
This perfect bound pocket-size address booklet is one of the most prized possessions to those incarcerated. It provides space for names and addresses of loved ones, a three-year calendar, and scripture verses introducing the plan of salvation.

Many chaplains use this gift booklet to introduce their ministry programs to inmates. For some this is their only connection to the free world. This gift is treasured, as inmates are limited in what they can keep in their personal property.

New Life Study Testaments
Gospel Echoes provides an 850 word, simplified, easy-to-read pocket New Testament. This Testament includes a topical index with 180 pages of special study helps. New believers are led through a series of studies that will strengthen their faith. These helps are fundamental in building a strong foundation on God’s Word.
I wanted to say Thank you for all the support and outreach you provide to prisoners. I recently completed my sentence and i am very thankful for all the Gospel Echoes did for me and my fellow inmates. Your Address books are a great gift. Every inmate has at least one book full numbers to the ones they love.
– Chad